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Chosen People Syndrome - Canaanite Woman 2021


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Contemporary Women Saints

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Now available at patristic nectar,Dodorg patristic, nectar, pellications ispleased to present a new five lecture series entitled Contemporary Women.Saints Saint John of Syni in his ladder ofdivine assent, rites that the lives of the saints arouse us to emulation oftheir courage and lead us to the virtue of humility and compunction. Contemporary Saints are particularlyimportant since they acquired their love for God and holiness in the midstof our current mill Yeu, and demonstrate that spiritual acquisitionis possible, even in our own troubled times. The five lectures are as follows: Lecture Number One: The life of SaintZenia of Saint Petersburg; lecture number: Two: The life of SaintElizabeth, the new martyr lecture number; three, the life of Saint Mariaof Paris; Lecture Number; Four: The life of Saint Matrona of Moscow; Lecture Number; Five; the lives ofmother, Maria of Oinette, Schemenan Macaria, the beloved, suffer andMatusheka Olga of Alaska. For these and other available titles,quease visit our website at patristic, nectur Godorg and now the Orena, with Father JossiahTrena, in the name of the father and of theson, and of the Holy Spirit I have for the last several weekstrying to be in encouraging to all of our parishioners who are outside for so long. I have some hope- and I had some hopestoked this week- that these days will be coming to an end. Thank God. The coronavirus numbers have just tanked the infection ratis way down.Hospitalization is way down these aregreat stats for our ears to hear some of our most vulnerable are elderlyare getting vaccinated, putting their fears in a more proper place. This week. We all the priests out hereon the West Coast had a zoom seminar with his eminent Metropolitan Joseph instead of our usual week, together at the monastery and Alhambra, where weusually receive instruction. We had a one day zoom and His Eminence sharedwith us that he's also noticing the improvements and is very very anxiousto issue new guidelines to us so that we don't have a repeat of the horriblelent that we had last year. Thank God,...

...thank God. So a few words of encouragement to the persevering. I've entitled My homly this morning Chosen People Syndrome chosen people syndrome and I'm going topreach on the Gospel that you just heard. This marvelous text from Saint Mathew about the Cananidwoman, this woman, who put to shame the apostles and all the Jewish followers of Jesus. She, together with the Centurion, thePagan Centurion, were the ones who made our saviourmarvel the most about their faith of the Centurion Jesus said he has notfound such faith anywhere in Israel and of the canandite woman. He saidsomething that he said of no one else. Great. Is Your faith woman greatestyour faith and gave her exactly what she wanted? We don't know her name but for about ninety nine point, fivepercent of us in the Church today, that is all those who don't come from Jewishancestry. She is our mother. This woman is the mother of thegentiles, and I want you to put yourself into the shoes of the apostles. Imagine yourself living in the holyland at t at this time when Jesus is preaching, Jesus is scandalizing the Pharisees. Infact, the account of the Canandi woman follows Jesus, basically taking a newtack with the Pharisees, No more, avoiding conflict with them, no moretrying to stay away from them in the verses of Chapter Fifteen. Just beforethe cananide woman Jesus takes them on just directly.UNTELS is apostles. Look every plant that my father didn't plant will beuprooted and cast out these fherisaic leaders. These masterJewish teachers are so wrong that they aren't even from my father and theyhave no future. This is what Jesus is saying and he specifically wasresponding to their accusations that he was violating quote the traditions ofthe elders. This is the Ribinic Lore that was guiding their pharisees at thetime, especially about keeping his hands clean and waship washing dishesand plates in a certain way and washing your hands in a certain way before youeat, Jesus wasn't doing it.

In fact, Jesus declared all of theJewish food laws done superseded over. They had fulfilledtheir task, and now Jesus is telling them don't be bothered by this. Allfoods are clean, no need to keep the Jewish mosaic regulations with regardsto food, and that is a sign that we are turning ourattention outside of the Holy Land. The eradication of the food laws is asign in the gospels of Jesus taking his apostles by his own example, and thenby his command and focusing on the Pagans. It's exactly what happened in the lifeof Saint Peter, who would be Jesus's instrument with the other apostles toget this done. What happened to Peter before he finally had the courage totake the Gospel to Cornelius. The Pagan he was on top of the roof and he saw avision in which he saw a sheet descend from heaven, with all sorts of uncleananimals, foods that were forbidden, Jews to eat and he heard God's voicerise, Peter Kill, eat Peter was shocked, absolutely shockedat this command from God. What do you mean? I that Lord nothing has everentered my mouth? That's unclean and what did God say, stop calling uncleanwhat God has cleansed the Gospel is for the nations it's forthe world, it's for everyone, and so Jesus today does the scandalous he moves into thePagan territory. He moves into Tyre insiden some land where some of our own peoplesancestors are from Pagan Land, Felisthia, very, very upsetting to the Jewishleaders. What Jesus is doing today, very upsetting but exceedinglybeautiful, and what does he find faith? This is what he finds now. I want you in our exercise now to get into the shoes of the people ofGod with regards to what they were thinking about the Pagans, what theywere thinking about, the gentile of the nations, so that we can avoid chosenpeople syndrome. I want you to go back in time. I want you to think with meabout when God first called Abraham, the Patriarh, our father in faith, two thousand B C, God called Abraham the Pagan to comeout and become the father of his faithful. God formed his people bycalling Abraham out a paganism out of idolatry out of darkness and Abrahamresponded. The man of faith responded.

He proved his faith when God asked himto sacrifice his only son, his beloved Isaac, and he was there and he took him to thetop of the mountain, and it was when he lifted up the knife to slay his own son,that God stopped him and said now. I know that you fear me and that you trust me, God provided asacrifice in place of him and he told him this. He said Abraham. I will greatly multiply your seed. Plural and then he said this, and inyour seed, singular, all the nations of the world will be blessed. This is what he told Abraham the verystart of the people of God. The very start ofthe Hebrew nation had its foundation in an outward vision of taking their faith and blessing. Thenations with it Paul Appeals to this in his ownwritings, to justify his own ministry to the gentiles. All she's doing is bringing the promiseto Abraham to fulfil ent, even if it did scandalize the Jews,because they weren't supposed to associate with the Pagans with thefilthy, gentiles move about a thousand years ahead, the people of God, Abraham Isaac, hisson, Jacob his grandson, Joseph, his Greata grandson, have multipliedexceedingly they've, even taken their faith and their way of life into Pake,an Egypt and been exalted there. Now David, the king has come, and God has established Davidand heas joined all of his people together under David's rule, but Daviddidn't just rule over the Hebrews. He didn't just rule over the juice heconquered pagan lands like Felistia and Mo AB and Zoba. These were places wherethey were unbelievers. He was extending the Kingdom of God on Earth to PaganLance. He was bringing the Law of God and the knowledge of God into thoselands and under his son, Solomon Wow. Did it really get going at the time of David David wrote,Beautiful Psalms all about the conversion of the nations like Sam too, where God says to his son, ask of me-and I will give to you the nations as your inheritance and the very ends ofthe Earth as your possession or like Sam. Seventy two. This is whatthe people of God were praying in some seventy to this beautiful psomabout the Messiah Becoming Christ.

David writes that at that time, when he comes theknowledge of God will fill the earth like the waters covered the sea. This is the vision that's going on atthe time of King David and at Solomon's time it started to happen when Solomon built the Temple of God,brothers and sisters, and he knelt down and he lifted up his hands, as recordedin first king's Aigt, Ta Beautiful Text, the consecration of the Temple of Godin Jerusalem, the glory of God, came down. It filledthe the temple so thick that the priests couldn't get in through theincense and he knelt down its recorded inverses. Forty hundred and forty three incredible words in his prayer after he has been trained hat the gloryof God would stay on this temple that this would be the protection of hispeople that, when words would be spoken, that God's earswould always be open to those prayers that his eyes would always be fixed oneveryone who was there. He then goes on and says this and when the foreigner in other nations, here's of your greatglory, for they will certainly hear of Your glory and be drawn by your law andcome to this holy place when they pray here, O Lord grant theirrequests. Even in the most central moment whenthe House of God is being consecrated in Israel, the very heart of Israel'slife, they had a vision of the conversion of thenations, of bringing the knowledge of God, theGod of Abraham to the whole world, and it happened who is the Queen ofSheba, but a woman who heard about the greatness of Solomon and his God andcame, and she spent long periods months there examining everything hearing theword of God, seeing the Lov of God and practice looking at the worshipwatching the administration of the Kingdom. And what does she say at theend? The half of it was in told me. Your glory far exceeds everything I hadheard and she went back to take to her peoplethe knowledge of God. It was happening. His prayer was comingtrue, then ruination, Solomon's, paphetic, son Rahabon, was a man who loved power more thanpeople. He had no interest in enlightening the nations. Now he justwanted power and the nation split into pieces, never to really recover its glory, andthis vision for the redemption of the...

...gentiles began to fizzle and the onlyones who kept it alive, where the prophets profits like Amos. WHO said that the time woent come whenGod would rebuild his fallen tent and all the nations would stream into it orIsaiah the prophet around six hundred or so. WHO said that in the last days, the House of Godwill become the greatest of the houses on the top of the mountains and his lawwill go forth into the whole world and men from the nations will stream intothe House of God. Saying tell us who is your God grabbing on even to theclothing of people who knew God and saying, take us with you, so that wetoo can worship the Lord God. This is what the prophets kept alive and finally, it came to pass our Lordcame. He came to save us to redeem us to conquer all of our enemies at once.He had accomplished his task. The small event that he had today revealed to his disciples in thisincredible nameless woman who had such great faith greater faith than any onewho was already a part of the people of God. She would become normative. The conversion of the nations of thegentiles of the Pagans would become normative. Jesus left theHoly Land so that he could meet this woman andhelp her leave her idolatry and that's what happened and his great mercy. He left his sothat she could leave hers and become a woman of faith and obtain deliverancefrom the tortures of the cruel demon. She's, a picture brothers and sisters.The father say that she and her daughter are a picture of the gentilesin great need at this time. The Lord in a very short span of time after thiswould go back and be crucified, plunder, hell rise again from the dead, a senten to heaven and send forth thisHoly Spirit, and then it was off to the races to fulfil his commission to bring theGospel to all the nations. This is the role of the gentlse, and this is us. Never forget brothers and sisters.Never Forget your origins. You know it's about the been about thesame length of time, since this happened as the time from Abrahambefore it about two thousand years. We have become the people of God. Wewhose ancestors universally were lost.

We can love our and pretty Christianways. We can love to study them and know them. I'm very fascinated in my ethnic groots very fascinated, but kno this the condition of the gentiles. Apartfrom God, according to St Paul in Ephasians Chapter Two and officianchapter four was this: They were separated from God's covenant strangers to his promises, without God and hopeless in the world. Our hearts were darkened. Our mindswere confused. We worshipped crazy things. We lived in sinful weigts. This was o our waybefore God found us in his great mercy. He came for us andhe showed compassion on us, beginning with our mother to day our namelessmother. In this Gospel text, we are recipients of the grace of God. Never let chosen people syndrome keepyou from forgetting our purpose and our origin, our origiis and the grace of God andhis loving embrace of us. While we were a mess and our calling is to bring theknowledge of God and his love to every single human being, you know we are in a period of radicaldechristianization. You know that our country is dechristianizing veryquickly into a condition, even worse than ancient Faganism, a condition in which those descriptionsof being, without God and hopeless in the world confused darkened in mine,corrupted in heart. These are applying to our nation more and more and more inan even more grievous way, better to have the pagan gods and somesense of the transcendent than nothing at all like we have now. How are we relating to them? Do we have chosen people syndrome andwhat we really care about is our separation. You heard those words fromsint Paul today in the Epistle, come out from them and be separate, come out from them and be separate. Doyou think he means be separate from people that were called T to win? No,he means be separated from sin, not be separated from people not to becomfortable, because we are the chosen orthodox. God has shown himself to us. We are hispeople glory to God. May His name be...

...praised, we are. We are he's taken us to his bosom. He loves US and HE'S HOLDING US tide,but brothers and sisters. We exist for them too. This is our calling if we get comfortable like the Jews Ted in our faith and show no concern and even make upall sorts of excuses like they did not to be involved and interested inpeople's lives who are outside of the church were nobetter than them. None at all. We can have that terrible disease. ThatSyndrome we don't want. Instead, let's always remember our roots. Let's always remember how we got in how the Lord found us, by sending his example before us, by sending our forefathers to find us by enlightening us. We are recipientsof grace and we carry it for the nations until the knowledge of God covers everythinguntil all the nations are in the House of God and it's lifted up and restored. God deserves that men need that, and this is our calling. What the daytoday is we thank the Lord. We praise him for his mercies, FatherSon and Holy Spirit on then. We hope that you have enjoyed and havebeen edified by this presentation offered to you by Patristic Nectar,Publications, a nonprofit organization committed to nourrishing thespiritually thirsty with the sweet teachings of the Holy Fathers. If you are interested in otheravailable titles or if you would like more information on patristic necarpublications, please visit our website at the www dot. patristic nectar,Dodorg. Again, that's www dot, patristic nectar, DOTO.

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