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Don't Stand at the Crossroads | Sunday after Exaltation of the Cross


The Arena Podcast is the flagship of Patristic Nectar Publications and contains the Sunday Sermons and other theological reflections by Father Josiah Trenham delivered from the ambon of St. Andrew Church in Riverside, California and begun in 2010. Currently there are more than 550 sermons and lectures covering ten years worth of preaching through the liturgical calendar.

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Now available at patristic nectar,Doorg patristic, nectar, publications ispleased to present a four part lecture series. My Father Josia Trinum,entitled God's Prodigal Prophet An exposition of the prophecy of Jonah. This text is found amongst the minorprofits of the Old Testament and is much beloved by believers, not only forits Christological typology, in which it sets forth the death, burial,plundering of Hades and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, but also becauseit is simply packed full of spiritual themes. Like obedience, repentancesinful nationalism, God's call to mission, the enlightenment of thenations, brokenness rebellion and grace the love of enemies and much much morefor these and other available titles visit our website at patristic nectar,not a work, and now the arena with Father Josiah Trene, the name of the father and of the sonand of the Holy Spirit, a blessed lords. They to all of you,brothers and sisters. I prepared a homily this morning on the Gospel textthat I've entitled don't stand at the cross roads, but it also happens to be the feast day today of Saint Theodore of Tarsus, theArchbishop of Canterbury and my English blood. It's moving right. Now it's moving andI'm feeling drawn to a sermonet on Saint Theodor of Canterbury. This incredible saying too was a Greek Theodoros. It was a Greek. This is seventh century very accomplished Greek monk andscholar, a professor of the holy fathers whothen went and was residing in Rome and then was sent by the Pope to England, which was nolonger a dominion of the Roman Empire after Romefell, Britannia the furthest farthest western province of the Roman Empire,was given up to the hands of the barbarians, but the church was going crazy in this.In the islands and Theodore went and on was under SaintTheodore of Tarsus that the Anglo Saxons who had beenchristianized mostly right, they had been come Germanic tribes that had cameinto England as Pagans. Many of them had been won for Christ and the coltswho had been pushed out to Wales and...

Ireland and in the north they cametogether and Saint Theatre was able to join thechurch together and unify the English Orthodox Church. He La also was anincredible pastor and left us a pastoral rule for healing Penitence, adetailed confessional guide that I confess I've used more times than I can possibly count inmy priesthood, but I won't preach about Saint Theodoreto day. I am highly encouraging every one,though, to really the life of Saint Theodore of Tarsus and to listen to iton PP. If you haven't in the Synaxar an today instead, I want to say a few wordsabout the Holy Cross. This is the Sunday after the Exaltationof the Cross, which we celebrate on the fourteenth of September every year. The crosses you see is in our midst. We enthrone the cross. We lifted highon this feast and we keep it for this whole week in the midst of the people,so that we can constantly bow down before Christ and venerate. The Wood ofour salvation will do that again at the end of the serviceto day. The Gospel Lesson is about the Cross, but the Gospellesson has been chosen by the church for the Sunday after the exultation tomake a connection between our saviour's cross and ours. The Cross that we adore upon, which our saviour conquered deathtriumph over the devils in atone for our sins, this grass, he extends to us, and heasks us to share with him in his cross and he measures a cross to each of us.You heard it in the Gospel just now. If you want to follow me, if you desire tobe my disciples, he said You musttake up your cross and follow me your cross. You have to pick it up. You have tocarry it. You know the cross for us. Brothers and sisters is adored, bowed down before and also we look atthe cross with terror, especially the cross in our lives. It makes us nervous, we fear, often our own cross and the church encourages us not to dothat, but to love the cross that God gives tous to love the cross that belongs to US Saint Jon, crass Ost am says when youwere baptized in the act of Chrismation. This is in his collection ofcatechetical lectures, which are duly famous. You might remember some of you, peoplewho were here for the magnificent great...

Saturday in two thousand and seventeenwhen we were so pleased to have father Culinic, Berger here serving with me,and he gave a marvellous homily. It was exclusively from the CATACOLAE Turus ofSaint Jon, Cris Astin. Chris is obsess that when the priestputs his thumb on your head and he traces your head with sacred Chrism,the cross is affixed to you and that from that moment the devils areterrified of you because they see the lightning flash forth from your headand they see the weapon that destroyed them. This is what you bear brothersand sisters. There's so much talk today because of the dysphoria that we're living in thisdistulit reality and all the weird authoritarianism everywhere. There's alot of talk about the mark of the beast. Oh, is this the mark of the beast, oris that the mark of the beast? I hear that a lot you know there's onereference to the mark of the beast one and the attire scripture. The mark of the Cross is the whole purpose of scripture fromGenesis to revelation the Cross of Christ. Is the mark of Godon you and Chrystison is emphasizing the cross,the mark that you should be concerned about, but the mark that we need to bemeditating on brothers and sisters. The real danger in this moment is notcherishing the mark of Christ in your life. You heard Jesus tell you in the Gospelto day warn each of us not to be ashamed ofhim to carry our cross without shame, lesthe be ashamed of us when he comes in the glory of his father and with allthe holy angels. This is the mark. We should be concerned about living inaccordance with that which is fixed on you in the rights of initiation. Youbear it brothers and sisters right there and you make it constantly withyour own hands. You trace the precious cross kissing the cross is the most naturalthing for you to do living a life of prostration before this our saviourssaving work. This is our life. This is our glory. This is our boast to day this Sunday is teaching us that Jesus doesn't want us to be justobservers of his CRUCI fiction. He wants us to be participants with himin his suffering. That's the message of the day. Of course, we we gather together inholy week to observe our Saviour's passion with...

...complete sobriety breathlessness, but we don't just watch it. We getbaptized into it. We embrace it for ourself and if we dare to callourselves disciples, we have picked it up. We're not standing at the cross. Rowsof our life, we've actually taken action. We've picked up the cross ofprice, we've accepted it, and if we haven't, we are no disciples of themaster. That's clear. If you want to be my disciples, take up your cross and follow me the context in which our saviour saidthis in the Holly Gospel, as we read it to day in March aftereight Jesus had just begun to prepare his disciples to understand, he was going to go throughhorrible sufferings. Jesus just began into after eight verse.Thirty one to tell his disciples look, I amm going to be betrayed into thehands of men. I am going to suffer, I'm going to be murdered. This is what hetold them. It is what's coming, the disciples were so scandalized, so completely undone by Jesus'sprediction and he would say the same thing in mark nine and the same thingin marten preparing them over and over and overagain for what was coming. They were so scandalized that they immediatelycontradicted him. The disciples became the teachers and they began to teachJesus and Peter as the leader, not just in righteousness, but in this case insin, stood up to Jesus and said, may neverbe Lord. That will never happen to you and then Jesus said what I'm sure. None of you haveever said. I really doubt it. You know a few times in my life whenI've really been having to let some one have it. I hadto do that some years ago. I think in two thousand and fourteen you mightremember the video I made to expose our congressmen and his outrageous disrespect for our district and thepromoting of abortion and homosexuality and many other things I made a video and even in that video, as I wasdocumenting his immoral political stands that he wasliterally shoving down our throats. Even then, in my video I said, lookpeople he's not the devil, he's making many many bad mistakes andhe's not representing us. Well, and I've tried personally to convince himto change, and he has resisted me I said, but he is not the devil that wasmy being nice...

...and try to help people to be reasonable.Jesus put all that niceness aside, and that is exactly what he called Peter.He looked at Peter and he said get behind me Satan. Oh my gosh, you imagine ever actuallycalling some one of the devil. This is exactly what our Lord did to Peter. He called him the devil and then tomake matters worse. Not only did he call Peter Satan forthe thought that the cross shouldn't happen, he made it worse and said that not onlyam I going to die, so are you, and so is every one who follows me? That's what it means to take up yourcross brothers and sisses. It doesn't mean to go to Byzantium, dot, Org andby yourself a really nice gold cross, so that you can look classy when youcome out of the Baptismal Fun. This is not the idea. This is not the idea,nothing wrong with looking classy and by that Bezantin dot org might havereally great crosses. The idea is you're going to pick upthis instrument of death and you're going to choose me and the Gospel overyour own life. This is us. This is what we're doing brothers andsisters we've chosen to follow Christ aboveeverything else, we've chosen to bear our cross, and I want to encourage youto do it. How like this first, don't hesitate. This is where I got the title for myhumly: Don't stand at the cross roads that actually comes from an account ofthe recently glorified elder pisis Saint Pisis was discussing, as he didmany many times with a group of young men, and these young men weremarriageable age and, like men, are these days extremely hesitant aboutmaking the commitment to get married. Never have we had a greater crisis inmen deciding to get married than we do to day. Immense hesitance fear concern and he says, elder Piecie said to thesemen. Look, don't stand at the cross roads in your life, there's two ways oflife that the church blesses and then he said these powerful words chooseyour cross and then carry it unto The crucifixion of Christ. If youwant to rejoice in the resurrection, this is what he said: Stop Hesitating, make a decision get married or become a monk, make a decision. Don't stand at theCross. Roads of your life he said were aging we're all getting older life ispassing US bye,...

...don't stand at the cross roads. This is my first encouragement and thatis to embrace take it up, take up the cross of your faith andyour faith has a double cross, the bear you have a dog Ma Cross and you have apractice cross these days too, as it always has beento confess the Christian faith as a scandal. It was a scandal to the Jewsat the time of our Lord. It was a scandal to the Romans. TheGreeks thought it was utter total foolishness and Christians byconfessing their belief in Jesus by saying I'm a Christian, and I followcries. They were bearing the cross of dogma, their faith cost them something,and it should you also don't hide your faith. Carry your crossof your faith. Carry the cross of practice of Orthodox Christian living, bear the way of life that we have keeplove first and when love is first, that means not participating in degradingthings not joining in the abuse of a colleague not making fun of Handicapped People Not Being Racist and treating peopleless, because their skins different. That's a failure to bear the cross ofyour practice. We have to carry our cross, carry the cross, which very much means bear. The painsof your own existence bear the pains of your own. We all havethem the pains of getting old the pains of getting sick. The pains of staying married peaceably the pains of Raising children. These are the the pains that we suffer the pains ofbeing faithful in your job. This is the cross of your own existence,and Christ is calling you to bear it. Carry it until the end until you can'tany more till it's done. Bear the Cross of witness, sometimes being a witness, and speakingabout. Christ is very difficult. Pushing yourself such that you are ableto speak about Christ without your neighbor laughing at you because of the dissonance between yourlife and your words. This is a cross of witness the cross of ridicule and persecution, the cross of repentance. What aboutthat? Is it not a cross to bear... stay in a disposition of repentanceand to Constantly Watch your soul? Yes, I encourage you all to take up yourcrosses as one choose and don't stand at the Cross. Roads also carry your cross with pride inChrist, for Goodness Sake, who are we more proud of than the Lord? Who are we more proud of? Oh, my goshwere thrilled every time we hear his voice every time we witness one of themiracles that he's performing left and right in our parish and our families. Jesus should be on our lips, thesweetest name. It exists in the universe, let's carry our cross and be happyabout it that we get to that. We get to belong to him, banish by Your Pride in Christ. Allshame associated with being a Christian. Why in the world, would we ever be concerned about makingthe Cross in public? Why, in the world, all the angels that are in public aredancing and rejoicing? All of creation is dancing every time you make thecross the air thanks. You, the birds Chirp into your ears, a loudvoice of appreciation, the dogs and the cats. Look up with a happiness. Ipromise you, the whole creation rejoices in the cross. Why would wecare or be ashamed of making the Cross andpublic with pride in him? Not In ourselves inhim and, lastly, carry the cross dear ones with love, just think of all of the things that husbands and wives are willing todo for each other, the hard things when there's love, think of what friends will sacrificefor each other when there's love, think of what mothers will do for children,Gar Gant? U, on feats, happily at great personal sacrifice because oflove. Think of what soldiers have done for this country because of love their patriotic love, Saint Augustine.In his commentary on this text, he says: Look bearing the Cross as intimidating as itis. It becomes easy because of love because of love makesall things easy. This is why our saviour says that hisyoke is light. It's Mat burdensom to follow him to be his to keep hiscommandments. When there's love, I...

...encourage you. You know brothers and sisters, a faith that costs us. Nothing is worth absolutely nothing. God forbid that we have a faith likethat. Instead, let's take it up, bear it with pride in Christ and alsowith love. Until we can be with him woman. We hope that you have enjoyed and havebeen edified by this presentation offered to you by patristic nectar,publications, a non profit organization committed to nourishing the spirituallythirsty with the sweet teachings of the Holy Fathers. If you are interested in otheravailable titles or if you would like more information on patristic nectarpublications, please visit our website at www, dot, patristic nectar, dot, Org,again, that's www dot, patristic nectar, Dodo.

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