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God Wills to Be Known - Legion St. Luke 8 2020


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Now available at patristic nectar,Dodorg Patristic, nectur publications is pleased to present good deeds, cultivating life of virtue,a seven part lecture series. These lectures expound the place ofgood words, an the salvation of the Christian, the nature of virtues andvices, and the traditional means for ultivating virtue in the Christian Life Saint John of Damascus, miss text onthe virtues and the vices in the Phelocalean rights that every man issaid to be made in the likeness of God. As regards his imitation of God, Neuvirtues godlike actions, the study and cultivation of virtue isthe quest both to love, nod and M, also to become a true human being. The lectured titles include lecture one good deeds, understandingvirtues and vices lecture too. The Cardinal Virtue ofJustice Lecture Three, the Cardinal Virtue ofWisdom, lecture, four, the cardinal virtue ofcourage, lecture: Five, the Cardinal Virtue oftemperance lecture, six honquering, the sevendeadly sins lecture; seven after God, the failureof the secular ethic for these and other available titles.Please visit our website, anpatristic Nemter, not or and now the Orena with Father JessiaTrena. In the name of the father and of theson, an of the Holy Spirit, I've entitled my homily this morning-brothers and sisters- God wills to be known, God, wills to be known. It comes fromthe incredible epistle lesson that you just heard from Calatians chapter onewhere sint Paul is explaining, though, that, even though he didn't live withthe twelve apostles and have the privilege of for three years sitting atJesus's feet living day and day out with the master. Nevertheless, the Gospel that hepreached was not something he had learned from the apostles, but it wasgiven to him by a revelation of Jesus Christ that God decided to reveal hisson in Paul. This is a reference in... Paul's incredible encounter that hehad with the Lord on the road to Damascus. He rerecounts this this experiencewhich changed his life. He recounts it constantly not just here, ingalationsone when he calls it the time that Godwilled to reveal his son Jesus in Him, but he also shares his testimony aboutthis. In Ax Chapter Nine in Act Chapter Twenty, two in AC chapter, twenty sixand all three of those cases he gives u the story of his radical conversion inresponse to the revelation of Jesus to Paul Jesus wanted Paul to know him. He wanted to fix Paul's mind. So the subject of revelation is what Iwant to speak to about. You know this year. thes school year has beenwonderful for me, even though it's so crazy these days, and there appears to be no end to thecraziness in sight in sight, but one of the happinesses for me is asFriday school Friday'school catechism. I chose the theme of Natural Theology, so I'm meeting withthe Friday school kids and we're talking about how to see God how toread God in creation in nature. The Heavens declare the glory of God.The firmament proclaims the work of his hands day to day poor's. Fourth SpeechNight Tonight reveals knowledge. There is no place where his voice isnot heard. You know this as believers that Godmade the world, the God is not of the world. He, the uncreated one brought by his own power and his own love theworld into existence and infused everything in the world with meaningthere's nothing in the world that doesn't connect us to God, nothing in the worldthat isn't from him with a message with an intention with some aspect of beauty,goodness love and truth. If we can see it, if we can hear it, a fool is t e person who wanders in thecreation and doesn't sense the presence of God and doesn't see the handprint ofGod. So we've been studying this with the kids, all sorts of wonderful things, the sky,the trees most recently we've given the last fouror five weeks to the study of birds.

The birds have so much witness to offer us and, of course, inpaying attention to the birds were obeying our Lord. So he said to hisdisciples and the sermon on the mout behold, the birds of the air watch them watch them, and so we've been studyingall different types of birds, the STORC that goes on this massive migrationevery year. Here it's a better, a better referenceas the Canadian giche that come to Riverside County and leave every yearthey travel thousands of miles. They have some sort of interior, homingbeacon. No scientist no ornithologist has ever been able to figure it out.How could these birds travel so far at the same time every year and be able toretrace their path? Jeremiah? The Prophet tells us thatthis is a picture of how human beings, when we go away from God, should followthe example of the birds of returning to our father, who fallf an doesn't get up. Who hassinned and does not repent JEREMIA, says behold the stork who returns to its place year afteryear this week was a marvelous new bird, and I was thinking about this bird,because this is a bird that is often at my house, the humming bird. We have a nice humming bird feeter thathangs from one of my six sycamore trees out in front of my house and yesterday.In fact, Presby Thera and I rejubenated the Hamming Bird Feeder. We added a little bt juice to give itsome color, because they like to think that they're actually drinking from aflower instead of a little plastic tricky container, so we put a littlebeat juice in there. We warmed up some water and put some sugar in there. Wefilled it up cleaned it up. We had to get all of the dead ants from theinteerior out. Yes, of course, a detail, perhaps some don't want me toshare, and we put it back up and we're going tohave our friends the humming bird coming by, because humming birds areeverywhere here. In fact, there are three hundred and fifty differentspecies of Hummingburt in the world, all in the America, North America,Central America and South America in the United States, there's only twelve.As matter of fact, if you're in the eastern seaboard anything east of theMississippi there's only one, I think it's called H. The Rubythroated hunting bird there's eleven here where we live and the huntingbirds are absolutely amazing. They do something that no other birds can do.They fly... such a radical way. They make themost advanced helicopters that human beings are able to fashion. Look likethey're stuck humming birds can move forward,backward up down and even upside down in all of those movements, and they move so fast. Their averagenumber of wing beats per second is twenty five. They beat their wings twenty five timesper second, when they're really moving eighty times per second and when a maleis doing his dance to win his woman two hundred times per second now, there's lots to gather from thehummy bird there's a lot to gather from the humming bird. The positive witness of the hummingbird is that the humming bird is absolutely committed to labor absolutely committed to labor. Do youknow that the honeyng bird bathes and drinks on the fly literally, we couldcall it on the wing. Humming birds do not hop, nor do theywalk. Sometimes they perch, but they are constantly working, andthis is a tremendous example for faithfulness and diligence to us to watch them. Do this. Do you knowthat they work so hard that they burn half of their bodyweight every day? That's why they have to constantly beworking. They have to constantly be gathering food and drink becausethey're constantly burning it out. I looked it up what it would be if we hada metabolism and a work ethic like the humming bird, the average homan being each two and ahalf pounds of Food A day. If we were moving like the hummingbirds, we would need to eat three hundred and seventy pounds of potatoesevery day, just to maintain ourselve, just to maintain ourselves incredible birds and gorgeous the positive example I shared with thechildren on Friday was from sit Paul. He says this: We have this tradition inthe church and none other he who will not work. Neither let him eat for us to work in quiet fashion, tokeep our hands busy to asshew laziness and Slogh to refuseto let others provide for us when we're perfectly capable of providing forourselves. This is not just a good virtue. Paul says this is a holytradition of the church and we have no other, and if we don't do it asbelievers, we shouldn't be able to eat. We shouldn't be allowed to eat. This isthe positive witness of the humming birds. Of course, there's a negativetoo.

We Don'pt view work as the end all of our life. We, unlike the humming bird, have aprinciple of rest when we stop beating the wings you're doing it right now, six days, Shalt Thou labour and do allthy work, but the sevent is the Sabbath of the Lord Thy God and on it, thoushalt do no work. We have a sacred principle to remind us that our destiny,if not here our destiny of not the earth, our destiny is the Kingdom ofGod. This is the glory of being a human being, as wehave the principle of reaft and we have the principle of leisure. We know how rich it is to step backfrom work, to kind of clear our heads to remember how good God is and to lookat the sky to make a pilgrimage to take time off in order to recalibrate andrefresh this is the glory of being a human being. All of this brothers andsisters are things that we should learn simply by what God has made, and I wantyou to see that God wills to be known even through the birds, even throughthe little ones. He has a message for us. Every aspect of his creation isjust packed pack with meaning he's proclaiming his divine attributes, his eternal nature,his mighty power and strength, the beauty of his design, the fact that heis a mysterious and glorious artist, whos concerned with beautiful things,solid things marvels. We learned these things from what he's made the Gospel lesson and the Epistoelessenshow us that God has done a lot more to make himself known than creating theWorld God step away beyond that in the Gospel. The Gospel itself is a revelation ofGod in great detail. We learn about the person of God, the character of God. Welearned that the one God who made everything is a father and we have met his son, not because wereached up and asked God to come down. We didn't do that. We were obsessed like animals with ourheads down tyrannized by the things of the earth. None the less, though weweren't seeking God, God was seeking us and in the fullness of times, revealedhimself by sending his son so that we can learn the face of the fatherthrough the face of the sun, so that we...

...can discern the character of the fatherfrom the character of the sun, so that we can understand the love of thefather by the love of the Sun, which is why the Lord God was manifested more clearly in his sonOun Lord Jesus Christ, than in any other means. This is why Jesus told his apostle,Philip, he said Philip. If you have seen me, you have seen the father. This is. Jesus is great wish for us that wemight know the one true God and Jesus Christ whomhe sent by this Holy Spirit. This is what sets us apart, brothers andsisters as Christians. We have accepted like Paul. We have accepted the factthat God has willed to reveal his son in us. He isn't just interested in telling uswho he is he's resolved to live with us and in us to be in an active, communionpersonal communion with us. Knowing, God is what the whole the Christianfaith is about. The prophegeremia says this: Let notthe rich man boast in his riches, nor the mighty man boast in his might, northe wise man, both in his knowledge, but let him who boasts boast in this that he understands and knows me saysthe Lord. What's the glory of being a human being that we have received the revelation ofGod that as Christians, we know God, why did he do this? Why did God do this incredible thing ofrevealing himself, not just through his creation, which he made for us, whichis like the castle that he made for the king and Queen for the human rages? But why also did he come for us? Whydid he send his son here to live with us? Why did he send his Holy Spirit toall of us so that we can be connected to him and know him because he couldnot stand in the words of Saaint Ethenacius, thegreat that are put right into the BaptismalService? The Lord God could not bear to see USoppressed by the devils, and you see this in the Gospel lesson.The Gospel Lesson is the explanation for why God hasrevealed himself to us. Why he's made himself known to us it's because wewere possessed. Apart from God, we were trampled on tyrannized in Sint, Paul's language. Wewere held captive by the devil. To do...

...his will. We were slaves in the face ofthese demonic powers, which are too much for us. These evil forces whatPaul calsed spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places theywere tyrannizing us look at this poor man, this poor man and the Gospel lessonwho's a picture of the human race in the hands of the devils. The man wasruined. He had no friends, not one aspect of his life had any humanquality. He didn't have a house, he didn't have a bed, he didn't have a table to look at someone that he loved whenhe was eating his breakfast. He had no human company to speak with. He was driven by the tyranny of the devils into aTobman it' as though the devil had to make himsleep in death. Even before the man was dead, he was torn by violence and even chainscouldn't keep his hands and his feet together. Poor man and hen asked his name. What did he say? The Demon spoke for him, he couldn'teven speak. The Demon spoke and said we are legion. Do you know how many Roman soldiersmade up a legion in the first century? Six thousand six thousand. Could there be a morepathetic picture? Could there be a more pathetic picture? The Lord has come brothers and sistersto deliver us to deliver us from the grip of the evil,one and all of the degradation that the devils push us towards he's come and set us free he's come to give us freedom to give usthe highest honors. Any human being could possibly imagine to know him. Jesus puts it like this. He says Ithank Thee. Father Lord of Heaven and earth that Thou Dosthide these things from the wise and the intelligent, but dids reveal to themdid reveal them to Babes. Yes, father for such it was well pleasing in thysight. For no one knows the sun except thefather, and no one knows the father except the sun, and anyone to whom thesun chooses to reveal him. The knowledge of God is a gift from Godto us, cherish it open your eyes. When you walk outside Open Your Eyes, you are walking andskipping and dancing in your father's... This is his world he's there in every place. If you haveeyes to see, and when you see our saviour's face, remember how blested you are. You know, God you know his love. You know hischaracter. You know his power. You have received a revelation from God within yourself.Jesus has chosen to share the knowledge of his father with you by his ownchoice, and you are rich if you're going to boast aboutsomething most about that to the grow of God onther. We hope that you have enjoyed and havebeen edified by this presentation offered to you by Patristic Nectar,Publications, a nonprofit organization committed to nourrishing thespiritually thirsty with the sweet teachings of the Holy Fathers. If you are interested in otheravailable titles or if you would like more information on patristic necarpublications, please visit our website at t, www, dot, patristic, nectar,dodorg. Again, that's WW, W dot, patristic nectar, Dodo.

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