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Living a Risen Life - Sunday of the Paralytic 2021


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Patristic nitor publications isthrilled to host its two thousand, a twenty one conference entitled theMother of God in our lives right here in person at Saint Andrew Church andRiverside California, and for all who register by video live streaming aroundthe globe. Our theological itinerary is superb. We expect four lectures by hisGrace Bishop Irina of London and Western Europe and additional lecturesby father, Chad, Hadfield father, John Parker, father, Coline, Burger andmyself to register simply go to patristicnectori click on the registration button. Those who register will be ableto see each of the lectures by live stream over the course of the weekend,participate in the T N A as well as receive the edited lectures in theirlibrary at Panpipe to see what the conference and now the arena withFather Josiah Treno. In the name of the father and of theson and of the Holy Spirit, Christ is risen. You are blessed people to know Christ and to sing of his resurrection. There is no more blest people on the face of the earth. None just think how long the people of God yearned to be free of the grip of death thousands of years they cried out to God in prayer, in beautiful words that we use in thepossible season, because they've come... pass they've been fulfilled. Let Godarise, let his enemies be scattered. Let those who hate him flee from beforehis face was the cry of Moses. It became the cryof David and this become the cry of the people. Hove got especially we chantedat Posca because God did arise literally or think of the cry of the Psalmist inPsalm thirty five. I love this song contend o Lord with those who contendwith me. Fight against those who fight againstme come to mine aid, stand beside me and say I am your salvation. This is our life in fulfilment. This iswhat God has done for us all: Those who contended against us all those who fought against us. He has contended against when that psalm was articulated for thefirst time, David had very serious enemies, very seriousenemies. He faced them in ways. We've never hadto face them. He had death looking him in the face. He had the devils, he had his own inner Ange, his own sins and looking at his beautiful life, you see unpacked unveiled his own innerconflicts. Many of his victories many of his failures. He was yearning. He was yearning forGod to come and definitively put an end to thosewho were so against him.

Brothers and sisters, we've known alife from the beginning from our baptisms and most of you were baptized.When you were wee things, we things you've, never known a day, at least consciously in your first forty you've, never knowna day as a slave you've, no, never known a day where you really had no idea what was goingto happen to at death. You really had no idea how you are going to triumphover those who are against you, those who are fighting you every day you are so blessed. You are rich. The Lord has answered all the cries ofhis people to come and fight our enemies, and this possible life is ours. If you listenedcarefully to the text that were just read, you would see the incredibleramifications in the early church at the time of the resurrection how peoplewent from this cry of the heart. God please help Inter Se with for me beforeI'm completely destroyed by my enemies. They went from that to eneas, I say toyou: Your Heel Tabata get up and rise from the dead, the paralyzed man there's a commontheme between the Gospel and the Epistle, both in both accounts. Theword the command is given to a rise. The Lord Healing, a man who is symbolicof us all, thirty, eight years so close a little hint that there mightbe a chance, a small chance that he could be delivered, but he just nevercould get there and the Lord came and said arise, take up your pallet andwalk and then that marvelous account with that pious God, fearing sister ofours. Tabatha...

...and Peter simply extends his hands andraises her from the dead. This is our life. This is our life. Ourenemies are still here, they're still raging goodness gracious.What a week we had what a week we had a woman with her six year old sondriving on our free ways, who knows what she did? Should she cutsomeone off? All she knows is that the next thing you know the road rager cameup night next to her pulled out a gun rolled his window down and shot her sixyear old son to death in the back seat. How about our town center? Two hundredthree hundred yards from here twice in one week, man comes out of Ralph's manpoints a gun at his face and says, give me your test, the keys and steals hisTesla. The next day a woman comes out, anelderly woman and a MW pulls out and to criminals get out with a gun, grab herpurse and the spunky lady fought them took it back. Then they took the gun and tried toblow her head off over a purse. Thank God they missed, thank God. They missedand they druv away, and they were both arrested. That's still here, death is still here. Chaos is stillhere, but it doesn't mean much to US brothers and sisters by way of fear. Those days are over. For us, someone takes your car, someone ashoots you in the head praise the Lord Praise, the Lord yes you're, not afraid of death. Death hasbeen stripped of its power dear once,because you have been raised up. You are the subject of that command arisefrom the dead. Think of all the ways that the Lord isworking in your life right now to raise..., he gave your sole life and Holy Baptism.When you were united to his own death and resurrection, you experienced yourfirst resurrection there, your soul came alive. Your interior being became the dwellingplace of the risen Lord and there he reigns on the inner throne of your ownheart and then, from that moment, and up until now he's been raising allaspects of your life he's been raising your hopes so that you have your hope, firmlyfixed on the things to come. He's been right. Raising up the eyes of yourfaith day by day he's been cultivating yourtrust in him, so that you really lift up your eyes to the mountains from whenyour help, whence your help comes, you've learned, haven't you more andmore little by little to keep your eyes up. Your mind has been raised up you're,setting your mind on the things above where Christ is raged and seated at theright hand, of his father. Your aspirations, I hope, are raised. Think of all the ways that he's raisingyour life from now until that definitive day, which is most certainlycoming when he'll do his last and final actfor you, which is to raise your body. The first thing that experienced deathwill be the last that experience is resurrection and then you yourself will be whollyone hundred percent raised alive. This is what's coming. This is what's coming, and this is whywe live the way that we do. This is why this is why this last year, which hasbeen so unusual for so many reasons we are no doubtgoing to be reflecting and talking...

...about this last year. For a long time,we saw the greatest separation between those who have not been raised and withwhom death is still the powerful tyrant that it used to be. We saw people running in circles, allsorts of irrational circles, driven and fueled by the fear of death, not only not having the faith ofChristians and the fearlessness in the face of death, butnot even the anticipatory yearning of Jews like King David, who are anticipating and hoping fordeliverance from these ans. No just terrorized unbelievers, we've seen it everywhere. It ran ourcountry in some places. It still is. How else can you explain so muchirrationality? This is not us. This is not us. We don't do anything in life because we're afraid of something don't you agree, and if we do, we feel bad about it, because it's not consistent with us.It's not the way we live. We've been raised up. We have confidence in God and we're notafraid of the greatest things that have threatened, because those that havecontended with us have been contented with definitively those who foughtagainst us have been destroyed. I want to encourage you with especially oneaspect of the epistles...

Christians live raised, raised in so many ways, and especiallywe show it like the friends of Dorcas like the Friends of Tabatha and thisepistolis. Do you see how the Christians dealt with Ta Bafa when she passed? This is if I had to locate a text inthe New Testament to explain how Christians deal with death the death oftheir loved ones, what really under girds the whole Ministry of the churchin the face of death, the reason our burial society exists and that we takecare of death the way we do it's this text, what happened when she died? It says: First, they laid her out. It'sthe first thing. The believers did, how does a resurrection attitudeexpress itself in the care of the dead they later out? They took they weren'tscared of touching her. I remember when I was a young priest, brothers andsisters. It never left me this this image this. This experience where some one had died and a family membercame and was paralyzed and would not touch their loved one. They couldn't bring themselves to touchbecause they were terrorized at death and somehow, I guess seeing it right infront of you. If you aren't connected to the one who is raised is just tooterrorizing and the person just couldn't touch their own father couldn't do it. I felt so sad. Ithought to myself brother believe in the Gospel be saved. He thought he was a Christian. If big, a Christian produces that,what's it worth, Dorcas died, they laid her out, theycared for her, they respected her body.

This was the body of their loved one, atemple of the Holy Spirit that doesn't cease to be any less holy dwelt in by God, sanctified by baptism relics. That's what this person is, then it says they washed her Tennin Call Mc Claren's mortuary to dothe dirty deed. For them they didn't and they didn't shell outten grand for it either. They did it themselves the same handsthat washed her in her sickness washed her in her death. They laid her out, they washed her,they clothed her and then what did they do? They called the priest they went, they said, go get Peter assoon as you can. This is what we do. Why? Because wewant our spiritual father to stand next to our loved one and to leadus inprayer so that they can continue to arise because death is a movementtowards resurrection for Christians, not going backward, it's going forward, they got Peter and then Peter did. Whatan apostle does. Peter didn't just say. Give me thecensor. Hey! Don't underestimate that my friends, a priest standing before a reposedloved one with a censor, is a powerful movement, a force for God to help thesoul of that person rise and maybe also to raise someone from the dead. Theapostles did this because they were the apostles. WhatPaul called they had the signs of the apostles, but now and then the Lordstill. Does it Saint John, an kronstad? Did it quite afew times I've always tried. I have and...

I'm not joking. I have always asked theLord to raise those when I first see them and I get called it hasn't beenhis will- or maybe it was his will- and I didn't have the sufficient faith inconfidence in him. It's not usually his will to do that any more. He allowedthe postle to lay a radical foundation upon which the whole church could bebuilt. It doesn't give the same signs to kind of Hoky priest like me, butsometimes sometimes he wants to do somethingsuper beautiful to stir a people up like he has this.Last year you get the priest, you pray for the person you commend them intoGod. This is the way that we live brothers and sisters. This is therationale for why we bury people. The way that we do for us death has not won.We certainly aren't. You know claiming a loss and just throwing them into thefire so that they can be burned. We don't do that. The person remains holy and in a placeof resting until the Lord returns and will raise that body so that everytrace of death is vanished and then he's going to take death by the tail soto speak in the apocalypse and drop it into the lake of fire, and it will beno more that's what's coming, that's what's coming, and this is how we livearise, be risen. People keep your heart, your minds, your soulsfixed on where you're going on, where the one you love is what your future is. When you read those psalms praise,God's name because God has arisen, he has come and stood by your side, thecry of that thirty eight year, paralyzed man, that horrific cry. Ihave no man to put me in the walk. That cry hasbeen answered. You absolutely do. He has come and stood by your side andhe has raised your up you up and he has become your salvation.

Christ has risen. We hope that you have enjoyed and havebeen edified by this presentation offered to you by Patristic Nectar,Publications, a nonprofit organization committed to nourishing the spirituallythirsty with the sweet teachings of the Holy Fathers. If you are interested inother available titles or if you would like more information on patristicnectar publications, please visit our website at w dot, patristic nectar, dot,Org. Again, that's W W W dot, patristic nectar, God or a.

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