The Arena
The Arena

Episode 583 · 4 months ago

Providential Nothings | The Great Catch of Fish, St. Luke 5


The Arena Podcast is the flagship of Patristic Nectar Publications and contains the Sunday Sermons and other theological reflections by Father Josiah Trenham delivered from the ambon of St. Andrew Church in Riverside, California and begun in 2010. Currently there are more than 550 sermons and lectures covering ten years worth of preaching through the liturgical calendar.

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Sirach: Fashioning a Life of Wisdom | 5 Lectures

Patristic Nectar Publications is pleased to present a new five-lecture series by Father Josiah Trenham entitled Sirach: Fashioning a Life of Wisdom. The Wisdom of Sirach or Ecclesiasticus, as the book is known in the Western or Latin tradition, is a choice composition from the Wisdom literature of the Old Testament.  Written in the 2nd century BC in Hebrew and translated into Greek by the author's grandson in Alexandria, Egypt, this majestic portion of Holy Scripture combines the rich aphorisms of traditional Hebrew sapiential literature with the concerns and background of 2nd-century Hellenic culture. Jesus, the Son of Sirach, was highly prized by the Church Fathers from the earliest days of the Church. In these five lectures, Father Josiah hones in on the themes of learning and seeking wisdom, humility, work, wealth, almsgiving, friendship, social life, wives, women, medicine and physicians, youth and aging, and wise speech and the power of words. In these topical lectures, practical substance is given to the practice of the fear of God in a wide array of human activity so that the servant of God pleases the Lord and lives thoroughly and thoughtfully before Him.

Lecture #1 - Learning and Humility.

Lecture #2 - Work and Wealth in Sirach

Lecture #3 - Almsgiving, Friendship, and Social Relations

Lecture #4 - Wives, Women, and the Stages of Life

Lecture #5 - Wise Words

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