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The Inheritance of God's Presence - Prodigal Son 2021


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Contemporary Women Saints




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Now available at Patristic, necter,Dodorg, patristic nectar pellications ispleased to present a new five lecture series entitled Contemporary Women,Saints Saint John of Synite in his ladder ofdivine ascent rites that the lives of the saints arouse us to emulation oftheir courage and lead us to the virtue of humility and compunction. Contemporary Saints are particularlyimportant since they acquired their love for God and holiness in the midstof our current Mel Yeu, and demonstrate that spiritual acquisition is possibleeven in our own troubled times. The five lectures are as follows: Lecture Number One: The life of SaintZenia of Saint Petersburg; lecture number: Two: The life of SaintElizabeth, the new martyr lecture number; three, the life of Saint Mariaof Paris; Lecture Number; Four: The life of Saint Matrona of Mosgow; lecture; number; Five; the lives ofmother, Maria of Oinette, Scemenan Macaria, the beloved, suffer andMatushka Olga of Alaska. For these and other available titles.Queese visit our website at Patristic, nectur Godor, and now the arena with Father JossiahTrena inthe name of the father and of the sonand of the Holy Spirit, blessed Lords. They to all of you, brothers andsisters on this marvellous Sunday of the Prodigal Sun. Just before the literaty began. Weprease were thinking at the Althar of bout. What ablessing it is to be God's son to be God's children, Thou were allprodigals, even we priests to be clothed, with such glory tostand in the holy place and to be able to worship. God likewe're all doing what a tremendous honor, the very greatest gift of our wholelife, to know God and to be in his house andto be a part of his family. The darker the world gets at least Aurpart of the world, the more precious. What we have appears, the more we recognize it for how muchit's worth to know. God, our poor country is been for so long,not such a fast course into prodigality this week. Perhaps another major marker in the books of the prodigality of theUnited States of America at their house of Representatives pass one of the mostgodless anti church, anti religious pieces oflegislation. That's ever been presented to our Congress completely attacking Christianity,attacking marriage, attacking humanity andendorsing an idiology that is brand new, justmade up very very recently, and I thought to myself thouse thosepoor congressman that would pass by very narrow margin, and hopefully oursenators will be more reasonable people and wont past this. Some of those congressmen some of thoserepresentatives, though, that past that immediately followed it up by sending aletter to the Federal Communications...

Commission to the FCC, demanding that any news organization that would opposeit, including they named Fox News that I know some of you reallylove that it be banned permanently from theair waves yeah. Can you imagine congressmen the land of the free, nothing like freespeech, and I thought to myself, as it was all happening, the weak of the productal son, itshappening the week of the prodical Sun. I hope that those four idioticCongressmen who sent that letter to the FCC and all of them that passe thisbill, who have made themselves enemies of Christian Orthodoxy. I hope thatthey'll be in church soon. prodigals do come back. People who have lost theirminds do repent, especially if people are praying for them. People are awakened. They recognize that the path thatthey're on is not producing what they were hoping for and by the grace of God. Some of thebiggest sinners and the biggest flubs become the greatest sates in the in thechurch on this prodictal son, Sunday, brothersand sisters I want to. I want to remind you about an incredible experience of the Holy Prophet Moses, the God seer.That's how I want to start my homily Moses when he found God or I should say, Godfound him at the burning Bush and he became the Lord's, faithful, son andProphit, and led the people of Israel out of the bondage of Egypt. He broughtthem through the Red Sea and that great miracle foreshadowing baptism and hebrought them into the Wilderness and God called them to Mount Saini andthere on the top of Mount Sina. God met with Moses. The scripture said he spoke,he loved Moses, so much that he spoke to Moses, as he wouldspeak to his friend. Face to face Moses was completely undone, while Moses was up being deified on themountain hearing. The word of God and receiving the Great Gift of the Law God's will that he was to bear down themountain and to give us a gift to the people so that they could know how theyshould wask now that they were free. While Moses was up on the mountain, thepeople, though they saw what was going on, they heard the trumpets blasting on the top of themountain. They saw the mountain shaking. They saw lightning flashes, which is really something they grew weary. They grew weary. They knew that God had promised them aland flowing with milk and honey. They knew that God wasn't bringing themout of slavery so that they would die in the wilderness. They had heard all these incrediblepromises that six hundred years before had been given to Abraham and hisposterity. That God would give this promised land to them. They knew that,but they were growing impatient to receive their inheritance. They wanted it and they wanted it now. So when Moses was up being deified,they were growing impatient and they pressured Aaron Mosis's brother, andthey said, where is all the promises that God had promised us here? We arein the Wilderness. We can't eat all of the great foodsthat we had in Egypt. There are no pleasures here in this devoted placeand now Moses, where D Ho go...

...forty days, he had been up there. Fortydays they were given up. where was he and Aaron pressured and weak gave in to them? They said we want youto make us a God and he said, take off all of the gold earrings, the very goldthat was the treasure of their victory. They had plundered from the Egyptianshe said. Take off all the gold bring it to me, and I will make you your godsand what did he do? He took the gold and he made it fashioned it into agolden calf, something that they were familiarseeing in Egypt and then he presented to them the gold-and he said behold your God- to deliver you from Egypt and it says that theybegan to rejoice and they began to rise up and dance and play its language forthrow a very raucous and immoral party and that's what they were doing asMosis was coming down. Mose was so upset that he took the tablets, thegift, the God to them, part of their inheritance and he smashed them. And then he took the golden calf and hecrushed it into a powder, their golden statue, their idol, mixedit with water and made the people drink it. Then he ordered a execution of some ofthe ring leaders and had the Levites call the people torepentance and he went up back up the mountain and he met with God again and God said to him. Moses just stand back, I'm done with thispeople, and I will make your descendants fruitful and glorious I'll keep mypromise to Abraham. But, instead of doing it through these people, I'll doit through you and Mosa said Lord. Don't do that don't do that. What wouldpeople say? You brought your people out of Egypt tokill them in the wilderness. Here's Moses, like Abraham the greatnegotiator with the Lord God, Abraham trying to say Sodom Moses now trying tosave the people of Israel and he did it successfully and Moses, enjoying so much being nearGod. He said to the Lord this after the Lord had consented to be patient withthe people. Moses said Lord. I really want to know you I want to know you show me Your glory and the Lord said to a Moses. If yousee my glory, you'll die, he says, but I'll take you and I'll putyou in this cleft of the Roch and I'll draw near to you in my glory and I'llpass by, but I'll cover you with my divine hand and then after I pass byI'll pull my hand away, and you can sust see the back of my glory. Thesmallest part of my glory and the Lord did that and as the Lordwas doing it, he proclaimed his name to Moses. He showed him his glory and hetold him his name, and he said this- The Lord, The LordGod Compassionate and Merciful, long suffering, forgiving, iniquity, Transgression andsin showing his covenant Mercies tothousands upon thousands of generations. This is what God said to Moses whenMoses was so near God. What did God reveal to him in the midst of hispeople's complete prodigality? The Lord revealed to Moses his intimacy, and hesaid I am a god of compassion and mercy, theGod of long suffering, who takes no...

...delight in punishment. None at all. I am faithful and will be faithful tothousands of generations of my people. It was an incredible word to Moses. The people were impatient and theirimpatience almost at this time cost them their lives almost past them, theloss of the Covenant and all of the privileges that they had with God. The presence of God in Moses's life waseverything for him. It literally for Moses Changed Thedesert of the Wilderness into complete paradise. God lived with him and he, with God, Moses, had his tent a simple tent, butby the day above that, tent was a massive pillar of smoke, and at nightby that tent was a massive pillar of fire, God's signs of his own presence.That's how close Mosus was Moses, cherished the presence of God so much.He made it such a priority in his life that he literally took on God'squalities the glory that God has shown in Moses's face. He would come out of his communion withGod with a glowing face, and then he would put a little covering over hishead. So people wouldn't see it dissipating. This is how precious the presence ofGod is. The Israelites kept thinking about sinful Egypt and the roughness abouthow bad it was in the forests and in the desert of the Wilderness. Nothingwas good enough and without God's presence, brothers and sisters, nothingever is if we don't cherish the presence of Godlike Moses, at the very center of our life. Does it matter what we have? It'salways unsatisfactory. It always leaves us feeling empty and unfulfilled lost. This is the background. I wish to shareit with you on this prodial Sun Sunday, with that in mine. Look at the Gospelparable today. This marvelous parable found in Lukefifteen, where Jesus takes the experience to Moses and putsit into a parable for us all to see the Parofgal of the prodical son or wecould even say the Parabil of the Prodigal sons, because theselfrighteous son, who never left was as prodigalashis brother, who bidleave and squantered all his father's inheritance in loose living like Israel's prodigality. The youngerson was not content with the presence of his father. It wasn't enough for him to be close tohis father, and so he allowed his thirst and hisdesire for worldly things to possess him, and he did the unspeakable andshameless thing that no son should ever do. He asked for his inheritance. What hebasically was saying to his father was. I wish you were dead because that's when you're supposed toget your inheritance and because you're not dying, which would really make me happy,because if you were dead, I would get your money because you're not dying. Could youjust give it me now and I'll leave I'll, never see you again. I don't have todeal with you. I don't have to deal with the family. I just get the moneyand I can just please myself. That's exactly what happened. He took that money, just like the whining Israelites of oldpining after the things of Egypt and he went and he wafed at his father'sinheritance and what was the result complete and total decirmation.

He was ruined from top to bottomfriendless, pleasureless literally thirsting to eat pigs food until he came to himself by the way. Those are the four mostprecious words in the entire Gospel lesson. He came to himself, he came to himself and he ran back andin the power of repentance because of the graciousness of God. He declaredhis unworthiness before his father, his father, an to meet him set. No not a word about what he haddone, offered him the most glorious freeforgiveness and restored to him his position: clothing him in a beautifulpurple, robe putting shoes on his feet, a gold ring on his finger and splaying the FATI GALF and striking up the wedding feast partyfor his son that was lost, who had become dead. My son, who was dead, is alive againand he rejoiced the other son. The self righteous onwho never left but was never there in the first place, was so angry that his father had beenso gracious here. He was all the time physicallynear his father, but not hit near his father in the heart. This is just asmuch a Warnang to us, brothers and sisters. Of course, the product of son,most popular, is a warning for all believers in the church, all those whohave been baptized and made sons and daughters of God not to fall away andto run to the world to promise what you'll get. If you do a pigpen, an misery, but there's also a warningfrom the self righteous son. The warning is, don't be in the church,near God, in the presence of God and not really be here, don't stand in the presence of God andnot really appreciate what you're doing here and how glorious it is to be. InGod's presence, that was the problem of the selfrighteous son. His father looked at him. He said son, What's wrong, you'realways with me. Do you need more you've, always with me everything Ihave as yours, but he wasn't enjoying that he wasn'tstanding near his father to be in his father's presence and therefore hedidn't enjoy it and he didn't benefit from it and we ought not stand in thechurch except to be in the presence of God and to cherish that kind ofintimacy being invited by our heavenly father into his house to sit at histable to be close to him, to be a friend likeMoses quast, to see his glory and to participate inhis character and to actually become it. This is why we're here, you know, we all know this on the humanplane. I remember when I was first married, my wife and I were pretty radical to get married,very young, no, an none of our friends yet weremarried and we had really established ourselves. We had established our soulsthough, but we hadn't established ourselveskind of out in the world. We, we were both Hart workers, we were working, butwe didn't have much if it wasn't for the very gracious gift giving of thepeople who came to our wedding, who gave us doubles and triples of things,and we were secretly able to return many of them for cash. We would have been absolutely broke. Wepaid our first three months of rent in our apartment, with return gifts fromthe wedding,...

I'm sure they weren't ears, I'm surethey were't yours and if you were there, we were poor and we used to have our dates. Weobviously we have had our date night. Every week, we've had a date night forthirty three years, but back then you know what our datenight was one cup of coffee that we shared whilewe walked. We would go to the coffee house. Wewould get a large cup of coffee and then our date was walking downtown,walking looking at H, door windows drinking that coffee, that's what itwas did I care. Are you kidding me? I was the most wealthy man on planetearth because of the presence of my wife. That's how I felt I'm rich may not have a car. We need a card, that's how I felt. We know this on thehuman plane. You know it dear one, it's the present. That is central, it's being mere God. That makes us rich. It is true that we have an inheritance,and I want to say a word about that enclosing. We do have an inheritance, God doesmake, has made incredible promises to us just like he did to Israels Savt,even better promises to us. He promised hem a land flowing withmilk and honey. He promised US glory, honor, immortality and incorruption ineternal life. Yes, he's made lots of promises. It'strue, sint Paus says this. Listen to thisunbelievable text. It's anefegiencs one. He says in him you also after listeningto the message of Truth, the Gospel of your salvation. Having also believedyou were sealed in him, with the Holy Spirit of promise who is given as apledge a down payment for our inheritance, this is what's coming and inheritance,a glorious inheritace, every one of you is crismated that Chrism Paul is saying. After youbelieved, thand were baptized. You were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promisenotice, what he's called the Holy Spirit of promise, his presence, whichis sealed to you in crismation, when you have the Holy Miron put on you you're, given the Holy Spirit and astamp a seal of God's ownership, God is saying Youre,Mine and the mark that your mind is the sacred Chrism in process on yourbody. Just like some people get tattoos for reasons or you brand ananimal to mark ownership. This is the cow of St Andrew Farm Right. Thisis exactly what prisom is and that presence of the Holy Spirit heexists in you as the Holy Spirit of promise. His presence in your life, yourcrismation, is the promise of your inheritance, which is coming your honor,your glory, your immortality, your in corruption, whith you're, going toexperience. It's all there and Paul says that that Holy Spiritfunctions as a pledge. It's a marvelous word. The Holy Spirit is given to us apledge in Aravon. An aravon is a Greek where it's taken from an oldHebrew word, and it means a deposit in kind. Businessmen would give you adeposit, I'm giving you here. This is ten percent and as soon as you fulfilyour premises on this day, you get it...

...all. Today in modern Greek atobone is usedas an engagement ring. I think that's pretty telling. Also the Holy Spirit isput on you as a pledge of your inheritance as an engagement ring fromGod as your betrothed, because the wedding feast awaits us in the Kingdomof Heaven you're going to have all of thosethings, and the Holy Spirit in your life isbearing witness to that promise that it's coming, that your riches arecoming, but brothers and sisters, glory and honor and immortality andincorruption are nothing compared to what the Holy Spirit ultimatelywitnesses to, and that is God in you. The Holy Spirit exists in us as thevery presence of God. He is manifesting, our relationship with God, it's thepresence of God that brings the honor and the glory and the immortality, andin theincorruption it's our heavenly father and his beloved son, who are waiting for US dwelling in US and calling us to our future inheritance. Be Happy with that. Let it satisfy you recognize the honor that you have asChristian people to be near God, closer than Moses, Moses, didn't get to eat and drink thedeified flesh of the son of God, like you, will in just a few minutes. Let's not then be like the prodigal sonwho left because he despibed his inheritancebecause he couldn't wait. You have the Holy Spirit already. Youalready have the promise you have to pledge he's in you, it's going tohappen, don't lose your patients and run away and don't be in the presence of God andmiss it like the self righteous son who wasoccupied about other things affect piety cherish, the presence of God and this Pradicol Sun Sunday, okay, yeahoreadto, go. We hope that you have enjoyed and havebeen edified by this presentation offered to you by Patristic Nectar,Publications, a nonprofit organization committed to nourishing the spirituallythursty with the sweet teachings of the Holy Fathers. If you are interested in otheravailable titles or if you would like more information on patristic necorpublications, please visit our website at the www dot. patristic nectar,Dodorg. Again, that's www dot, patristic nectar, Dodo.

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