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What Shall We Offer Thee O Christ?


What Shall We Offer Thee O Christ?

Good Deeds: Cultivating a Life of Virtue 

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Now available at patristic nectar dot Org. patristic nectar publications is pleased to present good deeds cultivating a life of virtue, a seven part lecture series. These lectures expound the place of good worksin the salvation of the Christian the nature of virtues and vices and the traditionalmeans for cultivating virtue in the Christian life. Saint John of Damascus, in histext on the virtues and the vices in the Philocalia, writes that everyman is said to be made in the likeness of God as regards his imitationof God through virtues God like actions. The study and cultivation of virtue isthe quest both to love God and also... become a true human being.The lecture titles include Lecture One, good deeds, understanding virtues and vices.Lecture two, the Cardinal Virtue of Justice, Lecture Three, the Cardinal Virtue ofwisdom. Lecture for, the Cardinal Virtue of courage, Lecture Five,the cardinal virtue of temperance. Lecture six, conquering the seven deadly sins. Lectureseven, after God, the failure of the secular ethic. For theseand other available titles, please visit our website at patristic nectar dot org,and now the arena with Father Josiah Trenna,... the name of the father andthe son of the Holy Spirit. You know, for good reason,lots of people are saying terrible things about the year twenty twenty. If Iasked you if you've said some of those terrible things about twenty twenty, Iwould guess most of you have. I confess I have. There have beenso many horrible developments in this year. But I'll tell you this, brothersand sisters, I thank God that there is a twenty twenty and I thankGod that we number our years the way we do, and the only reasonwe do is because of the feast that we are celebrating right now. Thewords of those angels announcing good news of...

...a great joy for all the peopleis so is such a larger wave than anything that the devil's horrible leaders ora virus could do to us. Those are all minor technicalities compared to theincredible great joy of the good news of Christ's birth and the complete change thathas been brought on the world by his birth. Light replacing darkness, hopereplacing despair, freedom replacing slavery the love of God in our lives, insteadof fear and the tyranny of death and the gods that we were all soscared of. Now this is this is a great day for us. There'sa beautiful word in the stick era of...

...the of the vespers. It's thelast one that we we chant, that our chanter so marvelously chanted in thisliturgy, and I think it's language describes the Christian spirit that's created by Christmas. What Christmas has done to us, what kind of people it's made usinto, this great news of the unbelievable joy of Christ's birth. This ishow it reads the very first sentence. What shall we offer thee o Christ, for Thou hast appeared on Earth as man? For our sakes of allthe creatures made by the each offer the thanksgiving. The angels offer Thee theHymn, the heavens, the star, the Magi their gifts, the shepherdstheir wonder the earth, her cave,...

...the Wilderness, the manger. Andwe offer thee a virgin mother, Oh God, who was before the ageshave mercy on us. What shall we offer Thee O Christ? That isthe Christian spirit that's the disposition of a person who believes in Christmas. Therefore, this is our disposition. It's to get up every morning and to askthat question. What shall I offer Thee O Christ today? It's what youdo when you have a heart full of gratitude and notice that that's what thehim said. Every aspect of creation offered a gift to Christ in Thanksgiving.It's the natural movement of the world, that redeemed world, in response tobeing embraced by God. When you're loved this much, when you're sought thismuch, when your darkness is invaded by...

...a person like this, this isthe natural response. What shall I offer thee and so I leave that questionto you. What will you offer? How will Christmas this year change yourlife so that you can show more concretely, with a more full heart, yourThanksgiving for being so loved and for Christ coming to be born in Bethlehem? What will we offer? Maybe it will be obedience, a greater obedience. Maybe it will be a greater commitment to each other. Maybe it willbe a greater fervor for worship. Whatever it is, asking the question ofyourself is the natural response to this Feast Day. I wish you all avery, very wonderful Christmas Eve and,...

...hope, the SUPINACT. We hopethat you have enjoyed and have been edified by this presentation offered to you bypatristic nectar publications, a non profit organization committed to nourishing the spiritually thirsty withthe sweet teachings of the Holy Fathers. If you are interested in other availabletitles or if you would like more information on patristic nectar publications, please visitour website at www dot patristic nectar dot org. Again, that's www dotpatristic nectar dot org.

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